Welcome to the Everybody Matters blog


Welcome to the Everybody Matters blog from the Challenging Behaviour Foundation 

Everybody Matters is our latest film project. It stars Colleen and Shaun, both of whom have learning disabilities and have been described as displaying challenging behaviour. This has meant that in the past both Shaun and Colleen have experienced poor support and had restricted, unhappy and sometimes unsafe lives. Their stories show that everyone can be supported to live a full and active life in their community.

Colleen’s story

In the past, Colleen had to live in difficult and unpredictable placements with staff who didn’t support her needs. She self harmed and was vulnerable to bullying and abuse.

Now, everything has changed. Colleen loves her home and has a great relationship with her team of support workers. Every week, she goes horse-riding, works in her local charity shop and loves being part of her drama group.

Our sister Colleen is fun, mischievous, cheeky and full of laughter and sunshine– Felicity and Fiona, Colleen’s sisters.

Shaun’s story

As a teenager Shaun’s life began to contract as the opportunities that were open to him as a child started to exclude him.  As an adult he had little choice over his daily life, increasing the severity of his behaviour and leading  to more and more restrictions.

Now Shaun has the right support and is involved in decisions about his life. He lives with friends and  plans his week around the activities he loves – playing snooker, badminton and going to the pub.

What strikes most people when they first meet Shaun is his sense of humour. His personality comes across to everybody.  – Sue, Shaun’s mum.


Everybody Matters is a co-production with Frameworks for Change and has been produced with support from MacIntyre, United Response, Dimensions and the Milestone Trust.


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